Scouts Kim Shield 29 to 30 August 2015

The scores have been released – Thanks for the update Steven

Well done to Owls and Crows on their scores for the Kim Shield competition.

Overall Results

Owls – 23rd out of 61 – fantastic improvement from last year’s 53rd out of 53.

Crows – 25th out of 61 – first time entered and what a great score.


Best PL scores

Candice and Christopher – tied 29th position out of 61. Candice improved from position 33 last year, well done.

You all make us very proud to have you as ambassadors for 1st Henley.

May we list the names of our representatives here? Parents please let me know if you want me to remove your child’s name.


Before we continue with the fun- 1st Henley Scouts would like to thank Gregory(Baloo) , Steven(Puma), Andrew(Kite) and Carol(the TOO kind camping mom) for their time, effort and patience in making this yet another wonderful weekend and experience. Last but not least we would like to thank the Kim Shield Organising Committee for a perfect weekend.


All the scouts gathered at 04h15 to leave from Henley on Saturday morning and returned on Sunday at 16h20 looking like a good TV add for soap and water.

Summary of the event as per Baloo.

From 1st Henley we had 2 Patrols, Owls had 5 and Crows had 6 scouts.

There were 24 bases with challenges they had to try to do in total. The “hike” started at 8h30 Saturday morning. The outer bases closed at 4pm and the inner bases closed at 4.30pm to allow the Patrols to make their way back to Base camp.

All Patrols had a demarcated area where they could pitch their tents to build camp. Some of our brave scouts slept outside their tents under the stars.  Scouters were at the same base camp but were separate from their Patrols.  At 8pm they started the night bases of 23 bases in the format of minute to win it.  Great fun was had by all Patrols.

Well what can we say about meals.  Baloo:”When I walked up to check on the Crows and I saw what was going into pots I thought – good luck boys.”  All meals had to be brought from home and prepared by themselves.  The Crows reported the two minute noodles were the best. Opinions differ. They took 3 different packs with their spices and mixed them all together.  But I suppose when you are hungry you will eat anything dead or alive.

The weather was a perfect.  Clear blue skies, reaching up to a high of 31 degrees on the Saturday.  Liters of water was consumed by all to stay hydrated.

From a scoring point of view the official points will only be released during the course of this week.  Once we have the information we will update the site.

We ran Base 4 which was Frisbee golf.  We will never allow a mom with us again as they feel so sorry for the poor kids.  I offered the one team bonus points to look for Frisbee no. 11 ( there was no Frisbee 11 ). They were so picked up and eager to go find it and started running searching.  The mom broke down and revealed the truth.  The disappointment in their faces was terrible.  I would of given them 10 bonus points for just believing me.  It was a really fun base to do. Lots of fun was had by all and lots of smiles were seen and jokes were made at teams in good fun.

Over all a great weekend was had.

Thanks Baloo for the update.

Kirchner’s view of Kim Shield from a scout’s perspective

We’ve all been on some sort of journey, be it a camp, a hike or just a little uitstappie around the park. But this would never have prepared anyone for the adventure that is Kim Shield.

Arriving at the venue (4:30 – 5 A.M) there were mixed thoughts, on the one hand the owls felt like remaining nocturnal and crawling back into bed, on the other the crows were ready to tackle the day! At around 6:30 the competition began, there may have been some problems with the crows map, but contrary to popular belief if the map was on the correct side of the highway it may have just worked. The bases were far and wide and the crows reached their first base (First Aid) at around 8:45, they also opted to skip this base (Kite was not impressed :D). The owls reached their first base, then missed their first base and continued walking into the sunset. At around 1p.m. both patrols were in the heat of both the competition and the day. By 5 p.m. the owls had pitched their tent, set up camp and prepared supper, the crows… nowhere to be seen, but not far away. Lying on the soft grass about 150 meters from base, we were none the wiser that home was around the corner! Dinner was great! The night bases were fun, and then it was time for bed. Sleeping under the stars was a real thrill, the heat of the day turned into cold and Kestrel froze while his counterparts snored. Not remembering that the emergency blanket was under his head…

Day 2 came like a bang, camp was packed up, breakfast was eaten, feet where rubbed and then all the patrols were at it again. Crows came across a rather rabid orange, which caused a casualty, a faulty stave (another casualty) and the owls trick of base 18.

All the scouts reported that the competition was definitely a challenge, water must be consistently consumed, bring Oros, work as a team, remember all your kit, listen closely to instructions,wash your hands and ultimately Be Prepared!

Well done to both patrols, you inspired me and you were pushed, People can do more than they ever believe they can do. Physically, mentally, academically. You have to be pushed. It hurts. But it’s worth it, and it’s a great thing!

Thank you Kirchner and well done.

And now….the evidence!

KS 2015















On a more serious note about safety – The dangers of hunting.

The below demonstrates how life threatening an accident can be while hunting for lunch. Those lesser spotted oranges sure can be dangerous when attacked with a knife in their natural habitat. View the immediate signs of infection on the face and arms – dirty spots all over steadily increasing over the weekend and the tongue in the process of detaching from the mouth and eventually falling out. Tired look in the eyes like when you have been running around in the sun having fun for two days and slept under the stars. Wait……these are not signs of infection. These are signs of KIM SHIELD. Seriously now, be very careful with sharp objects like knives. Luckily the scouts always come prepared with a First Aider on duty to repair our broken scouts.

Orange 1 finger 0

But still, be very careful! Oranges seem to be dangerous.