Kim Shield – What is this about?


For beginners & the rest of us..
Kim Shield is a hiking camp – it counts for two nights under canvas.

Friday evening

Meet at the scout hall and pack all kit on the trailer and in cars.

  • Personal
    • Personal kit
    • Consent forms
    • Camp fees
  • Patrol
    • Patrol box & Tent

Depart from the scout hall
Arrive at venue and set up camp and sleep overnight.

  • Personal
    • Sleeping bag & mattress
  • Patrol
    • Tent
    • Gas cooking equipment

Sleep! It is important to have a good night’s rest to have maximum fun the next day


Rise & shine at ~ 06:00
Eat breakfast – eat well, this is the fuel for the day.
Begin hiking about 09:00

  • Visit as many bases as you can
  • Remember to drink water – you can fill up your water bottles at the various bases
  • The patrol is more important than the individual – work as a team.


  • Protection – sunscreen, hat, sleeveless jacket & rain/wind protection.
  • Sustenance – food (NOT only sweets & junkfood) and water

Bases close at 16:30

  • return to camp – wash up and change into comfortable camp clothes
  • Eat a good supper to re-energise you. (and clean up after you)

Patrol leader – report that your patrol is back in the camp Night games

  • There are some fun night bases – this only takes an hour or so – have as much fun as you can.

STI’s – or Spare time activities – just do it!

  • These are extra challenges to earn you some extra points
    • Some are really easy – just do them
    • Others need you to draw on your creativity

Sleep – you will be very tired and will benefit from the restorative powers of a good sleep


Rise & shine about 06:00
Tidy up the campsite and personal kit while it is cool and you have the energy

  • leave 1 tent up for changing once you return from the hike.

Begin hiking about 08:30

  • Have a strategy on which bases you want to get to – also try to avoid the rush at the nearby bases
  • Remember the water & sunscreen & hat

Bases close at about 12:00

  • Return to camp

Patrol leaders – Report in that your patrol is back in camp Hand in STI’s and other requirements for points
Break camp

  • Change into uniform for closing parade
  • Pack up the last tents
  • Load the trailer and cars

Closing parade – about 13:00
Return to the scout hall – unpack the kit Go home
Eat and Sleep!