Scouts Cycle Challenge 29 August 2015

The Scouts Cycle Challenge at The Shed located on the R59. 29 August 2015

The cycle route was about 3.5 km or twice the route for the brave of heart. The rules were – no helmet, no ride. All monies raised on this day will be donated to Ashton Journey to assist his family in paying for Ashton’s medical bills as he was in a car accident in November 2014 and sustained brain damage.

1st Henley Cubs would like to thank our Assistant Pack Scouters Walter and Caroline  as well as Debbie for helping with the Event.

Lets not forget our Cubs – WELL DONE!

Thanks ALL for a great morning out in nature. We also would like to remind Ashton that he is in our thoughts and prayers.

Last but definitely not least – it seems Walter doesn’t know how to ride a bicycle – can one of the Cubs please teach him so he can join us on the route next time? Thank you Walter for teaching the Cubs all about road safety and bicycle/personal safety inspections.