KonTiki 2017

Kon-Tiki 2017

First pics available. Our supporters hard at work even before the scouts arrive.

A huge thanks to Hi-Performance feeds for the use of their truck and staff.

We couldn’t do it without your help.

Camp Preparation started at about 14h30. Sunshine? Don’t be fooled by the false hope we had.

In true KonTiki fashion a storm brought all to a halt.


And after….

Cautious…Yes. Weary…Yup. Afraid…….NEVER. We’ll just rebuild and continue. After some warm coffee we fought the good fight again.

Saturday morning up bright and early we prepared for the day’s hard work. And yes we start with a cup of coffee to warm up the hands. This might be a competition….but we are also here to enjoy ourselves.

Back to serious business. We came to launch a raft and a raft we WILL launch.

The model of the raft we built.

Our raft team during an inspection. Safety is a very important aspect so there are inspections at regular levels of completion to ensure all is up to spec before a launch is allowed.

And the big deal at KonTiki is……..

Yup. No 65. That’s us and proud of it.

Catering? Nope. We don’t need caterers. Scouts know how to look after themselves as a team.

But maybe if I hang around the kitchen long enough I will look like the Chef.

We don’t need no TV or tablets. We watch the bush TV.

Our fearless leader Kirchner. Big thanks for what you do for us. Your time and effort is hugely appreciated.

In your words but this time meant for you “Now go get changed into dry clothes and get warmed up”. We’ll be just fine.

Sunday Morning

Land AHOY!

Back home the big offload started.

Sadly two weeks later somebody broke in and stole all our raft drums.