Kon Tiki 2016

13,14 and 15 May 2016 will be remembered for three reasons.

  1. Kon Tiki 2016
  2. The weekend rain poured in buckets
  3. Most importantly our brave scouts and cubs fighting and winning a war against the elements.

From the SGL’s note pad…

I would like to start with a huge congratulations to all the parents, scouters, scouts, scubs and cubs that got involved and joined the “fun” at Kon Tiki. I am especially proud of the scouts that were out on the raft during a time that most of their friends were at home, warm and snuggled up in their beds. I know that we ended much lower on the ranking than we hoped or expected, but we should use this Kon Tiki as a learning experience and come back stronger and more prepared for next year.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank a few people, 1st off thank-you Sean from High Performance feeds for carting our equipment to and from Arrowe Park in your truck, it made life so much easier. Please thank your staff that were prepared to assist us on a Sunday so willingly. For those of you that don’t know, they had to replace a fan belt to the truck in one nasty storm. Thank-you once again.

Thank-you Angus for the great pies and hot chocolate to die for. It kept the spirits and sugar levels of all high. Thank-you for your words of wisdom, entertainment and encouragement.

Thank-you Moms and Dads that endured a horrid time and the challenges of not only preparing meals, but trying to keep them warm and dry. Thank-you for taking care of our scubs as they were exposed to an out of the ordinary Kon Tiki. Thank-you Debbie, Barend, Rob, “Chile” (Walter), Mealang and all the other parents that visited and lend a hand.

Thank-you Scouters and Scout leaders, Kite, Puma and Kestrel for the time you sacrificed toward the weekend, in the hours used to teach, train and design the raft. To time spent overseeing, guiding and keeping our children safe. Kestrel ended up on the support crew rowing boat all night keeping an eye on our troop especially, even sacrificing his bedding and bit of dry clothing to the cause of those he felt were needier (our children). Erynn was telling me that every so often they would hear, “1st Henley how you doing are you OK?’ to which they enthusiastically replied, “Yes, Kestrel we fine.” (in a serious monotone).

Thank-you Baloo and the parents like the Gleesons and Liesje that helped out with our Beaver challenge stand. There were many cubs that enjoyed it so much, they wanted to do it again.

Thank-you to the Scout Gauteng group for an incredibly well organized and under the testing conditions as safe as possible environment for our Scouts. A special thank-you to the support staff and paramedics that kept a watchful eye over all the scouts not only on the water, but on land as well as there were many scouts admitted to the Medical centre for hypothermia.

As per Barend’s request I would like to thank the people that stood gate duty over the weekend, especially Saturday night between 17H00 and 19H25, because no-one came to relieve them. I heard rumours that they were trying to figure out what are the various stages of dying from hypothermia and if they were suffering from any of the symptoms.

My last thank-you goes out to “Darth Vader” (Carol). Thank-you for arranging everything and keeping things together. Thank-you for guiding the young PLs  (Patrol Leaders) with when to do what, where and how. Making them aware of how important timekeeping is especially at Kon Tiki. Thank-you for all the organising, carting and carrying, we really appreciate it…….Jason(Scout Group Leader)

Wondering what a “scub” is after reading the above? Nope it’s not a spelling mistake. I had to contact a friend for the answer. It is a cub in the process of becoming a scout in the next few months. A few of them joined us for the camp to help where they can.

This page will be under construction for a bit as we are awaiting reports and pics from different members and groups involved. Please check regularly for updates.

More pics to follow and timeline to be sorted.

As with all good projects the raft buiding was practiced a few weeks before the time.

20160506_191228 20160408_190702 20160408_190709 20160506_191134-1 20160506_191144 20160506_191207

Life in the camp


IMG_3555 IMG_3552 IMG_3553 IMG_3554

Raft building pics

First inspection – equipment check


  1. Ropes neat – check
  2. Drums good condition – check
  3. A third my age same size shoes – check
  4. …….


20160513_162116 20160513_162233 20160513_165418 20160513_165426 20160513_165436




20160513_184518  IMG_3545 IMG_3544 IMG_3543 IMG_3541 IMG_3540 IMG_3546

20160513_184527 IMG_3540

IMG_3541 IMG_3539 IMG_3536 IMG_3535 IMG_3580 IMG_3577 IMG_3578 IMG_3579 IMG_3576 IMG_3575 IMG_3574

With our seaworthy inspection completed we launch

IMG_3586 IMG_3587 IMG_3588 IMG_3589 IMG_3590 IMG_3591 IMG_3592 IMG_3593 IMG_3594 IMG_3595 IMG_3596 IMG_3597

This might not look fast but during the mobility trials they did 2.2Km in 2 hours



The Beaver Challenge – a word from our packscouter Baloo

As far as the Beaver Challenge goes, this is the second year that I have taken the Cubs through and the first time we had entered an event into the Beaver Challenge.

Our game was called “Enter the Worm Hole you must”.  I must thank Loraine Gleeson very much for all the effort that she put in by getting the boards painted, decorations and banners made.  And to all the parents that brought the kids through to a wet, cold and windy day.  However it was a hit for all the kids despite the weather.  I have to thank the parents who assisted in manning the stand with me for the day.  I think being our very first Beaver Challenge it was a succes. The proof was in seeing the enjoyment on their faces and the long line we had on the day.  We scored 25th overall. I think we came in first place with the joy we gave the kids.

Thank-you Wayne and Marilyn for manning our stand through most of the beaver challenge and unpleasant weather.

So now we start planning for the next one.

Desperately need more pics of the beaver challenge please.

IMG_3572 IMG_3569 IMG_3570

Sunday Morning – wet and cold but in good spirit



Returning to base

20160515_100305 20160515_100309 20160515_104622

Hamburgers and Cheese sausages for brunch? – they deserved it!


More to follow