1st Aid Compo 21 November 2015

The Program:

  • Venue: 1st Henley Scout hall
  • Start time: 9:00 on 21st November
  • End time: 16:00 on 21st November
  • Cost: R5,00 per Scout
  • Catering: All scouts must bring their own food
  • Teams: 4 or 5 Scouts
  • Each Scout must have a completed Parent Consent form

There will be a Trophy for the winning team
What will be tested:

  • Burns
  • Shock
  • Bandages
  • Fractures
  • Bleeding
  • Bites
  • CPR
  • Approaching an accident
  • An incident (per Team)



The pics. We are currently experiencing a size of pics problem we are working on therefor only the below 2 pics.

More following soon.

IMG-20151121-WA0007 IMG-20151121-WA0005