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Come and join the cubs and scouts for some outdoor fun. Click on the Icon for more info or use the upcoming events link at the top.
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Meeting times for Meerkats, Cubs & Scouts

Friday evenings. Meerkats 18:00 to 19:00, Cubs 18:00 to 19:30. Scouts 19:00 to 21:00

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Scouts Donate

Cubs and scouts Donate! We will be working with Rotary Club of Henley-on-Klip and The Lions Club to help the less fortunate. Click on the icon or “Scouts Donate” link at the top of the page for more details.

Backwoodsmen Interest Badge camp 14th February

To attend the camp you will need the backwoodsmen scoutcraft badge. The camp will start at the 1st Henley scouts hall at 17:30 on the 14th of February to 10:30 on 16th of February. To attend the camp you will need the backwoodsmen scoutcraft badge. To attend the camp you will need the backwoodsmen scoutcraft badge.

We are comitted to making a truck load of resources available for Scouts and Cubs. To date we have uploaded the Cubs interest badges as a link at the top of this page. We have started working on the scouts badges as well at the top. Watch this space for updates

Our Ongoing Projects

some special projects that are close to our heart
These are some of the special projects we have going on at the moment

Developing our website is one of ourmain concerns. We want a fun theme with lots of pics on what we do and have to offer. We also intend on adding a wealth of information on badges and other activities. Further we would also like to do the email drives. The idea is to supply every scout with a @1stHenleyscouts.co.za email address to boost comunication between scouts on a local, national and hopefully international level. These email messages would pass through content filters to ensure safe and appropriate use of the system. This is however just an idea and will be discussed at length and tested first. You are welcome to send your comments to the web site administrator: admin@1sthenleyscouts.co.za


The hard-working team that so eagerly donate their time to ensure our kids learn safely while having fun in the great outdoors

Andrew Downes

Troop Scouter
kite@1sthenleyscouts.co.za 084 309 2656

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