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Come and join the cubs and scouts for some outdoor fun. Click on the Icon for more info or use the upcoming events link at the top.
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Meeting times for Cubs & Scouts

Friday evenings. Cubs 18:00 to 19:30. Scouts 19:00 to 21:00 Click the clock icon to find our location.

Both the Scout badges and cub badges are up to date! Make sure to have a look at the Cubs page as well as the Scouts page. Watch this space for updates


The hard-working team that so eagerly donate their time to ensure our kids learn safely while having fun in the great outdoors

Andrew Downes

Troop Scouter
kite@1sthenleyscouts.co.za 084 309 2656

Jason van Heerden

Assistant Troop Scouter

Debbie Viviers


Candice Greyling

Assisant Troop Scouter

Don Priest

Pack Scouter
Image pending

Kirschner de Villiers

Troop Scouter

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