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Cub Fun Day 16 September 2017

Where: Gilwell, Albertina Sisulu Road

When: 10:00 to 16:00 16 September 2017

Cost: Cubs and scouts R60 pp(including badge) – parents and siblings R40 pp

Food stalls and tuckshop. Cubs and scouts to be in full uniform

A gentle reminder of the Cub Fun Day the 16th September

Our Cubs are going to have great fun with our Heroes for the day, with Mountain Rescue, Sea Rescue, Firemen, Paramedics, Guide Dogs, Airforce/Army,

Doctors without Borders, Teachers and a very special visit from our K9 unit.  Not only that there is a puppet show and then our very own Children’s Home that we will be supporting.

Food galore, so one huge event.

So don’t miss out on this super day, come and join us.

Gauteng Region Cub Programme supported Kuselo CYCS on Pac Yac with a blanket drive.

This organisation has now established a centre in Boksburg South and North. They have dedicated volunteers that Save and Care for the Children.

They take the Children off the roads, and also in troublesome homes, where children and adults are neglected and misused etc, care for them, clean them, feed them, do the necessary paper work with SAPS and Children Welfare.


We are doing a collection drive at our Cub Fun Day, where we have invited them as our Heroes as well, and ask if you could please help with any donations.

You can drop this off at the Cub Fun Day or you can give them to your Akela’s in your Groups, or Districts.

This is also part of the National Challenge “Doing their Good Turn”, so the groups can be signed off for this as well.

I thank you for your support on this drive, and hoping that they will need a truck to load everything. J


This is the list of requirements that they need.

*  500g dry condiments eg  mealie meal, sugar, bread flower, samp, beans etc

*  canned foods

*  small tins of jam or spreads

*  Liquids eg 750ml cooking oil, 1lt boxed milk

*  Toiletries eg bath soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, facecloths, washing powder

*  used clothing all ages and sizes (baby, toddler, teens and adults)

*  Bedding/linen

*  Toys and stationary


Kim Shield 15 to 17 September 2017


The KIM SHIELD has been in existence for close on fifteen years. Over that time, many Patrols have taken up the challenge to become the best Standing Patrol in the Gauteng Province, and walk away with the coveted trophy.

The event will be held on the 15-17 September 2017, at a venue located in the Modderfontein area. This challenge constitutes an incident hike, where you and your patrol will be required to complete as many bases as possible.

This weekend should be considered as a Patrol hike and camp. You will be expected to cater your own food and organise your own sleeping arrangements. All patrols will be sleeping at a common point at the Challenge venue. For the hike, you will not be required to take your camping equipment, but a day-pack is suggested with a packed lunch and enough water (2 litres per person per day). Each patrol must supply their own compass and first aid kit for the hike. Each patrol member should have their own survival kit too.

Directions to the venue will be issued in due course once you and your patrol have accepted the challenge. The cost for KIM SHIELD will be R70-00 per Scout, which includes camping fees, event badge and costs that cover running the bases. Please remember that this does not include catering.

The closing date for entries is Friday, 8 September 2017. Please ensure that the event fees accompany the application form to avoid disappointment. Your patrol will not be considered as registered without the payment. If paying by EFT please have the words ’KS’ and your troop name in the reference.  Please take note of the banking details!!

S A Scout Association –Gauteng Training

Nedbank – Braamfontein

Branch No.:   195005

Acc. No.:        1950400077

Reference:      KS – ‘your troop name’-‘Patrol(s) name(s)

Scouters: In the past, Troops have block booked (say four) patrols into the competition, but on the day will only have two patrols participating. This is unfair on those Patrols that really do want to participate, but have to be turned away. Please can you enter or book for patrols that you know will attend. We have to cap the total number of patrols to 60. To avoid this, Patrols are only booked once paid for in full. If you need to cancel a patrol, please let us know ASAP so that patrols on the waiting list can be informed.

As stated above, this weekend is a patrol challenge where it is expected that each patrol should be self-sufficient for the whole weekend. It has been noted that some patrols are having their meals catered for by parents or supporters. This is grossly unfair on those patrols that are self-sufficient. If it is observed that patrols are being catered for, those patrols will be penalised.

For a patrol to take part in the Challenge, a patrol must have at least 5 members. We have had the experience where a patrol of potential 5-6 members have registered, but only 3 members arrive on the day. If this happens that patrols will not be permitted to take part, this all goes down to hike safety. If this scenario does happen, that patrol may join up with another patrol.

It is hoped that you and your patrol accept the challenge, and possibly at the end of the challenge, hold the KIM SHIELD trophy aloft!

If you require more information regarding the event, you may contact the following:


Sean Dickinson – 083 732 4445

Gerard Evans – 082 578 5967

Yours in Scouting

Sean ‘Felix’ Dickinson

Regional Team Coordinator Scout Programme