Lion’s Club Tree-house 27th & 28th April 2019

Over the 27th & 28th of April 2019 the 1st Henley Scout Troop undertook the task of pioneering the Lion’s Club Henley on Klip a “tree house” , of sorts in order to raise money as funding for community uplifting.

Their goal was to remain in the tree until R5000 was raised.

The 1st Henley Scouts team consisted of Elizabeth, Lindiwe, Chesson, Erynn, Keena, Ben, Christopher & Nicholas with their quests Nsika, Katherine, Caracal and the leaders of our 1st Henley Scouts, Inkwazi, Moose & Kite.

This was great success for both parties – the Lions were able to raise R9600 and the Scouts have developed their skills further.

Well done 1st Henley Scouts and The Lion’s Club.

Written by Caracal (Rachel)