Kontiki 2019 (Under construction)

The theme for Kontiki 2019 was Minions!

As usual the Henley scouts arrived at around 5:00pm. Once arrived we all had our brunch, and started construction of the raft. We began by laying the frame using barrels to hoist the poles up. The work was a simple task as it was only framework, decking and then the shelter. Late around 10:00pm the younger scouts were sent to bed to get some rest for the following morning. Construction on Friday ended at around 12:00pm. The scouts had managed to complete the framework & some decking on Friday night.

Saturday morning was rather relaxing. We started by cooking breakfast and then continued to work on the raft more. Construction continued at 8:00pm. At 10:00pm we had finished the framework and deck. We then began building the shelter. The shelter consisted of two triangular frames with poles holding the two together. Eventually we finished the raft by securing a ground sheet to the top of the frames, using it as a roof.

After completion of the raft, all Scout groups were required to have all rafts in the water by 12:00pm. Once the raft was safe in the water the ground-crew returned to camp & started relaxing. The raft-crew had many tasks that were available to them but were not required to complete any. Raft-crew were tasked with cooking a meal for the judges. 1st Henley raft-crew completed a cooking task that required a prepared meal on the raft and is to be judged. There were many other tasks that could be done but were surprisingly difficult to complete.

Sunday morning was greeted by fresh dew. All the rafts were to return to land and be deconstructed by the end of the camp. Ground-crew had to pack up the campsite and then head to the raft for disassembly. Deconstructing the raft is much quicker then assembling.