Scouts Donate

The donations are as follows.

There are 4 boxes:

  • Box 1 for all old clothes, shoes, etc.  Moms, dads and Kids.  But if it is in need of a button please make sure the button is replaced.
  • Box 2 for stationary.  No fancy branded ( Hello Kitty or Ben 10) stuff.  Normal Bic Pens, Glue sticks, HB pencils, rulers, etc.
  • Box 3 for toiletries.  This is soap, face clothes, tooth paste, tooth brush, under arm.  No fancy stuff like mouth wash and moisturisers.
  • Box 4 for NON Perishable foods.  Tin food, Pasta, Rice, Maize Meal.


We will be working with Rotary Club of Henley-on-Klip and The Lions Club.  As and when they are in need of goodies or our boxes are over following we will tell them and hand out to them as they are always in need of the above.

We as 1st Henley will go, but ONLY the 10 Year olds to the hand out days.  Why I am saying the 10 year olds is the fact they are older, wiser and need to do Community service in their 10th year towards their Leaping Wolf Badge.  So these days will all add to their Leaping Wolf Badge that they need to apply for.

Also they get to see people very, very less fortunate then them and I feel that a 7 year old is not ready to see people suffering like that yet.  So all cubs when turn 10 years old WILL have the opportunity to go on these hand out days.  Some might be lucky and have the opportunity to go on more than 1, all depends on how much we have to give.  This is going to be a on going project and not just a once off.

If you want to donate or need more info please contact Baloo.